7 Tips to Keep Your Place Clean, Tidy, and Germ-Free

Keeping your home clean and tidy reduces stress and makes your daily life simple. Your space will not only look like a nice place to live in, but it will also provide you with a great feeling and attachment to your space. It will truly feel like home. There are people who would find housekeeping a major drag, but it doesn’t have to involve overwhelmingly extensive effort to clean up spaces all the time.

Benefits of having a clean environment in your house

Before exploring some tips to help keep your place clean, it might be worth your time to start answering the question, “What benefits can you get from having a clean environment?”

  • Keeps your family healthier

When your home is clean, it also helps keep members of your family healthy. It prevents the spread of germs, especially for kids. Health issues such as asthma activated by the presence from substances such as dust and moulds can be prevented.

  • Helps to keep your space organising

A clean home is an organised home. A huge part of cleaning involves organising, and when your space is organised, it also looks clean!

  • Makes your space always ready for company

If you keep your space clean, you will always feel comfortable to welcome friends and family into your home. Your kids might also enjoy your living area with other kids when they find that it’s spacious and conducive for play.

  • Helps to cut health-related costs

Living in a clean and healthy space helpskeep illnesses and diseases away. This means that you will also spend less on hospitalisations or treatment.

  • Increases personal productivity

A healthy family is a productive family. When you or your kids aren’t sick, you would not have to take sick days at work and your kids would avoid incurring absences in school.

  • Gives you a sense of accomplishment

When you clean your space and take a moment to reflect on what you did, what kind of feeling rushes through you? You’d probably get a unique sense of accomplishment. When you see your clean space, you’d feel like it is the ultimate space to relax and re-energise after doing all that work.

With all these benefits to enjoy about having a clean space, you should spare some effort to make your home the best place it could possibly be. Here are some easy to follow tips to help you enjoy the abovementioned benefits of a clean home.

Some tips to keep your space clean, tidy, and germ-free

Many people find cleaning as a herculean task because they don’t have the time for it or they do not fancy household chores. Take note of the following tips to make cleaning easier for you.

(1)          Load and turn on the dishwasher every night

Do you find dishwashing a hard chore to tackle? Well, it can get even more boring if you let the dirty utensils pile up. To simplify the task, you should consider loading the dishwasher every evening and removing the items in the morning.This strategy can help you eliminatedirt in your dishes fast. You’re also not giving moulds the opportunity to grow.

(2)          Tidy up a bit before going to bed

This is a golden tip for keeping your space tidy, especially if you have children who are messy. Taking about 15 minutes to tidy parts of your home before you go to sleep can help reduce some of the clutter. You go to bed feeling good because it would take you less time to clean up the next time you have to do it because it isn’t as disorganised as usual.

(3)          Declutter regularly

This is another great habit that can helpkeep your home clean and less chaotic. If you have a lot of the stuff that you do not need, why keep them in the house? Itemise the things you have in your house and consider taking out the ones you do not need. For example, did you really need all those disposable food containers in your cupboard? Or, do you really need that second sofa? With fewer and only functional items present in your house, you can make your space look bigger, more stylish, and more organised.

(4)          Beware of the elements people are exposed to

If you want your home to be completely germ-free, you also need to go beyond the walls of your house. Your space might be clean, but the people might still carry viruses or bacteria from the outside. For instance, your children can be exposed to dust mites on school carpets and only develop rashes when they get home. Your husband could be sneezing all day in the office because of allergic reactions from poor air quality and continue doing it at home. To find out, check if your school or your office has in-house cleaners or professional commercial cleaners who know how to handle cleaning tasks properly.

(5)          Clean your toilets regularly

Don’t forget to keep your bathrooms and toilets clean because it is home to some of the most harmful disease-causing bacteria you’ll ever encounter and get your hands on. Keeping the washroom clean and fresh generally involves not giving germs the opportunity to grow and thrive in this area.

(6)          Put focus on the high-traffic areas in your home

High-traffic areas such as your kitchen, your living room, your doorways, and your staircases should be sorted all the time. If you clean them regularly, it becomes easy to prevent dirt and germs from spreading to other areas of your house. For instance, you should consider having a dedicated space for shoes and other outdoor footwear so that they do not introduce dirt into the house. Clean this area regularly and use disinfectant sprays to keep odour and bacteria out.

(7)          Keep basic cleaning tools close by

One way of keeping your home tidy and germ-free is by simplifying the cleaning process. But how do you achieve this? Simple. Make sure that all the cleaning supplies are placed where they are needed. For example, your toilet should always have cleaning supplies such as a toilet scrub brush. Your kitchen should have the kitchen towels, rags, and multi-purpose cleaners within reach. Your car vacuum cleaner should always be in your garage. With these cleaning tools and supplies ready when they’re needed, cleaning becomes easy, quick and fun.

In conclusion

Having a thoroughly clean home isn’t as far from reality as it seems. To enjoy the multiple benefits of a clean and germ-free space, the cleaning process does not need to be complex. You only need to follow the practical tips identified above.