Ideas for creating a more peaceful world

  • Introduce Diversity In Your Friend Circle

    You need to broaden your friend circle if you have the friend from some specific race 0r group. Having friends of various background will help you in getting different and changed beliefs. You need to make sure that you are more welcoming towards the people and invite people of any ethnic group in your circle. Anyone who deems you as impulsive must not be cut off from you instead you must hold the ability to resist them.

  • Finish Debating

    You can’t satisfy the whole world thus you need to stop the conversation if the road you jumps you won’t lead you anywhere. There are always various people out there who own different perspective. So must not try to change any person perspective if the other is not interested. You need to understand that convincing other is fruitless as it will just mount the argument and bring along a lot of negative energy which you will not appreciate seeping into your life uninvitingly. Sharing perspective and views is a good thing but debating over it is never a positive act.

  • Learn To Agree With People Who Oppose You

    You must learn to accept what other people think. It may sound impossible in the begging but once you will learn this practice, you will surely reach to a brighter and happier side of your life.  There can be a number of things which your perspective will oppose to but try to find the common grounds and positivity in the other person’s thoughts. You cannot always right in the world you need to train your brain and acknowledge yourself that there can be a possibility of you being wrong.

  • Question Yourself

    You need to become that kid in the class in your life who raises the question on every single statement of the teacher. In your case, life is your teacher and you need to question everything. You must question yourself that why you act a certain way or feel in the certain direction.  You should question things which you don’t get until they begin to make sense.

  • Learn To Take The First Step

    You need to get out of your hole and learn to take new steps. The first step must be yours if you want positive energy in your life. You need to understand the importance of building the relationships. They are vital as they maintain colors in one’s life. You need to understand that the reluctance that you pen in your heart will go away if you just build up the courage to take the first step. Be open and smile at anyone you see. You need to maintain eye contact and start up the conversation. If you will be the first one to take the step then surely you will get a lot of rewards later.

  • Become Active

    You need to become an Athlete, as it helps to maintain a sportsmanship in life which is always positive.