5 Beautiful Blog Design Ideas

Common Use Of The Grid In Affordable Website Design Packages

Making use of a grid system in your design is a great idea to get you started with. Through this approach, you will get the easy yet clean way of organizing the data. This technique is common as it solves all the readability issues with your blog. If the reader can’t read your blog easily then all the effort  of your blogs goes in vain, thus you need to work on making sure the grid system suits you. Any blog with affordable website design packages looks attractive if it offers an adequate amount of white space. The idea of keeping the content under control through a grid system will facilitate the user to comprehend the navbar and other elements of the website easily.

Card Layout

Cluttering up the blog will lead no value of your design and it will waste your website design cost.  You can’t overload the page with several blog post as with no hole of doubt it will leave the head of your viewers spinning. The beautiful design idea is the use of a user-friendly layout which is simply the card-based design.

The way physical cards like Pokémon were crafted has helped the designer to get inspiration from the ideal design which they offer. By glancing at the architecture of such cards, any deigned can display the text in the pattern of the container.

You must, as a designer, use the cards to highlight the most vital thing on your blog post. This technique will not only grasp the user’s attention in seconds but this will also give your blog an attractive appeal.  You need to arrange the cards in columns and organize the content thoughtfully in it.

Featured Images

Any blog which owns large featured images is the attention of various readers. The visual appeal cannot be ignored and it is as important as the content itself. The idea is to use a large featured image on each block whether it is an inner post of the blog or blog card.

Featured images connect the user and author. There are a lot of things which you can say without taking the help of words. So make the use of this effective tool and make your design more compelling than before.

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Incorporating Content In Design

You need to make sure that if you are n’t putting your main content forward then all your effort is in vain. Every design which displays the main content along with the short description subheadings it forces the reader to appreciate the design and the manner it was put in.


Make sure the typography of the headings along with the focus content is readable. The selection of font comes under the wings of the designing phase. If you won’t use the right size or font which will attract the viewer’s then it is a possibility that they won’t read the content within out of frustration. You may have searched for fonts awesome and other stylish fonts which can make your website look much fancier but remember readability comes first and that is the important thing to decide in the designing phase. Make use of new yet readable fonts when working on website design in Auckland.

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