4 Essential Tips For Food Safety

In summer, with a good weather, longer days and the holidays, you would want more to eat away from home. It is a good time to organize barbecues in the garden, make excursions or even spend a few days camping. However, it is worth taking into account some tips to maintain food safety in your outdoor meals.

While it is important to maintain basic standards to ensure the safety of food, in summer the risks of food poisoning increase. That is why we must never lose sight of certain guidelines to avoid bad experiences and thus enjoy our holidays without problems, especially if we have children.


One of the basic principles to avoid risks in the food is to maintain an adequate temperature and respect the cold chain . To prevent a certain food from spoiling, it must be kept hot or cold – above 60ºC or below 4ºC. Bacteria can develop more quickly in cooked foods that stay a couple of hours at 30ºC.

Cold gels and ice packs can keep the cold in a cooler for several hours. Another good idea is to pre-freeze the drinks , in such a way that they help to keep the temperature low and they will be defrosted with the passing of the hours, making sure that they are very cold when we need them. If we have the car on our way out, the refrigerators with plug are a great option.


Cleaning is another basic pillar of a safe kitchen, but it is not always considered. We must try to keep the containers and portable refrigerators clean when we are moving with food. It is always best to keep small portions and different foods in separate containers with airtight seals.

The same applies for the hands, which should always be clean. If we do not have water sources to wash them well with soap, we can resort to disinfectants that work in dry weather and they make sure that we do not contaminate the food when handling it, Also, do not use soaps or dishwashers in natural water sources. You can also hire a food safety cleaning Auckland to clean your containers and refrigerators.


It is always better to avoiding unnecessary risks. There are foods more susceptible to food poisoning, especially in summer, so it is more advisable to bet on other products with lesser risk.

As for raw meat, you have to be very careful while cooking. To avoid risks a thermometer can be a good investment, because although it seems that the piece is cooked on the outside, it could be too raw inside.


No cooked food or raw meat should be at room temperature for more than two hours . If it is very hot, in just one hour it can become contaminated.

Keep food cold for as long as possible.

Properly package each food using airtight containers.

Bet on less perishable products and dishes (fresh fruit, bread, preserves).

Do not bring any dish half cooked .

Get your environment cleaned up by food safety cleaning Auckland service to avoid any kind of food contamination problem.

Keeping in mind these simple tips, and applying a little common sense, we will make sure to fully enjoy our outdoor meals in complete safety.